Important Details You Must Understand Before Getting a Mommy Makeover


Mom loves kids. But she should love herself as well.

A lot of women do not appear to be happy with the appearance of their physiques after they’ve had several children. If a mom loves herself, she would do something about it. A mommy makeover is a surgical treatment which is going to help to get back a mom’s body to her pre pregnancy figure.

What Does This Surgical Procedure Entail?

According to the expert research website skin deep world “It could include one or more techniques depending on a woman’s requirements.” Procedures for instance tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction are some of the alternatives which depend upon whether she just would like to lessen stretch marks or do away with extra body fats. She could have all of the procedures done or choose those that would be most valuable to her.

I Have Medical Insurance, Is This Procedure Covered?

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance policies typically. But probably if it’s due to a back pain caused by extremely big breasts, then the breast procedure may be paid for. Insurance firms will vary upon the degree of surgery permitted for such operations.

Are There Going to Be Scars From the Operation?

The skin deep world resource says, “scars are an unavoidable result of surgical treatments nonetheless medical doctors seek to lessen them”. For instance, tummy tucks are done on the bikini line in the lower belly. They will not show up in a swimsuit (even a bikini) and they will reduce in appearance after some time. For breast operations, scars may appear in a few different places. They may be circular all around the areola and then have a line downward to the fold under the breast (this is generally called a lollipop scar). Or they may be on the fold of the breast dependent on the treatment which is being done on the patient.

For How Long Will I Be Hospitalized?

You won’t stay in the hospital for long, just long enough for carrying out the procedure and recovering a little while then you can go back home. Depending on the extense of your procedure, your physician may advise an overnight stay to closely check your progress.

When Will I Totally Recuperate From a Mommy Makeover?

Recovery can take from 1 to 4 weeks depending on what the woman has done through her operations.

Are All the Methods Performed in A Day?

It is going to depend on how many types of procedures are being carried out. It might be recommended to have the procedures done in 2-3 sessions if they’re that substantial.

What are the Dangers Associated With the Surgery?

Any operation includes risks. Risks include infection, bleeding and fluid retention under the layers of skin.

Could the Surgical procedure Be Done on Diabetic or Hypertensive Persons?

Even though a person suffers high blood pressure or diabetes, she can still have the surgery if her condition is well under control. If not, the doctor may advise the delay of the surgical treatment.

I Stopped Smoking Cigarettes Last Week, Could I Still Be Eligible For the Surgical Procedure?

It is recommended by medical doctors that individuals halt cigarette smoking for at the least six weeks if they wish to have a mommy makeover procedure.


What Can You Expect From a Mommy Makeover?


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It’s not easy when you’re pregnant. Image from MorgueFile

Women undergo a lot specifically when having a baby. It’s not that simple to have all these transformations happen to our body from carrying a child to giving birth. How are we affected when we’re done being pregnant? A lot of us end up with a body which they barely recognize.

Linda McAdam’s from skin deep world¬†¬†says, “A mommy makeover can address these problems by way of a variety of different operations. You really can look and feel better than you ever have in your life!”

Tummy Tuck

When pregnant, your abdomen will stretch to accommodate the little one. The tummy will become small once more after delivery yet some extra skin plus stretch marks are left. The tummy tuck is designed to lessen this extra skin and in many cases could additionally minimize some or all of the stretch marks depending on their placement on the body.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction

Soon after a child is given birth to the breasts are employed to feed the newborn. Breastfeeding, nevertheless, has a consequence on a mom’s figure after she is done breastfeeding and that is having sagging or deflated breasts. A breast augmentation is carried out to lift the breasts and round them out. A few women select implants as well to have the breast tissue snugged up around it.


Even when we call those extra layers of fat as “baby fat,” they still don’t look great on the body. Liposuction employs a straw like equipment to actually suction the fat from the stomach area and/or the buttocks area.

When Could a Mom Get a Mommy Makeover?

A makeover is merely advisable for women who won’t be having little ones any longer. There is really no point in carrying out a makeover before a mother is finished having kids as she is going to be subjecting her body to even more stretching out. This will be a waste of her precious time and funds.

How Much Will You Pay For This Treatment?

The cost will differ according to what is done. If just a number of things are being executed it will be considerably less expensive than if everything is being done. Almost all insurance coverages will never include this because it’s regarded as plastic surgery. One condition wherein the breast surgical treatment could be included in insurance is in case it is advised by the medical doctor to alleviate back pain because of exceedingly large busts. In any other case, the lady have to spend on it on her own.

Will I have Visible Scars?

Any sort of surgical treatment which cuts into the skin area will have a scar. For tummy tucks, the resulting scar shows up on the bikini line simply because the cut is identical as when having a C section or hysterectomy. This scar isn’t really obvious when wearing a swimwear. The breast scar is carried out in one of several places and won’t show in a swimwear. Medical doctors could give recommendation to women on methods to lessen scars.

Am I going to be Out Of Commission For Too long?

Most women get over a mommy makeover in just 1 to 4 weeks depending on the surgical treatment being performed. It may well be great to have assistance at home while in this time period.